What is Rock for a Cure?

Rock for a Cure is a benefit concert where local bands unite to raise money for cancer. It is “A Night of Hope" for people who are battling cancer and their family members who are affected by it. Rock for a Cure is different from any other event. It is more personal, especially for those involved. Many of the musicians have lost a loved one to cancer or know someone battling cancer.  Some of them have even fought the battle themselves. It is also a night to celebrate the survivors through music. It is a powerful night.

How it Started

On New Year’s Eve 2008 a group of friends were talking about a time when all the bands in the area use to play together to raise money for different things. They thought that it would be a good idea to get it started again, but for a good cause.
A few months later in April, one of the guys got a phone call. It was from his father telling him that his great aunt had died of pancreatic cancer.  This destroyed him, she was one of the single greatest people he had ever known and now she was gone.
To make matters even worse, less than a month later one of his oldest and best friends lost both his grandparents to cancer. After attending a double funeral, he watched the devastation in his friends and families eyes. He started to think of all the people he had lost to cancer, and those he knew battling cancer. Suddenly his idea earlier on in the year had a purpose.
The idea of the benefit concert began. Immediately he wanted the American Cancer Society to benefit from it. After a long search a venue was found and the event was created. Family and friends helped him plan it, and musicians and volunteers were quick to help. For years everyone involved has found a special place in their heart for this benefit.

Rock For A Cure at The Block - February 17th, 2019